is a citizen science project to democratise conservation.

According to estimates, a million vertebrates are killed on roads almost daily in the United States, while up to 27 million birds are killed every year on European roads. Similar estimates are unavailable from India.

This lack of information on a) the number of animals run over by vehicles, b) affected species and c) the locations of roadkills are a major limitation in suggesting and designing effective mitigation measures. Citizens can also contribute valuable data that can help draw meaningful inferences.

WCT has developed and launched an app called Roadkills and a web-based platform called to collect data on mortality of wild animals on roads or railway lines in India.

This Citizen Science Project endeavours to engage with concerned citizens across the country with the hope that the data collected in this manner will be useful to researchers and road planners across the country in reducing wildlife mortality, installing wildlife-friendly mitigation structures along linear infrastructure, and improving passenger safety.


How can you help?

As a responsible citizen, you can record roadkills and contribute to a nationwide dataset using the Roadkills app.
The data collected will be useful to researchers and road planners across the country to help in reducing wildlife mortality, install wildlife crossing structures and also improve passenger safety whenever a road is planned or upgraded.

To get started, download and install the app.

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Header image © Sheetal Navgire